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Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT

The principle behind Referral Ignition is to empower and assist private practice owners to be financially independent with books, DVDs, home study courses and done-for-you systems. Ok, you've heard that many times before, and that's the boring part right?

So you want to know a little bit about us? :)

'Referral Ignition' is part of a family of world class products for private practice owners designed to help you get more patients, increase revenues in your private practice and give you more freedom than you can possibly imagine.

Thats me, Nitin Chhoda on a speedboat in Kerala, India. I'd like to take a picture of me at my desk, but at the moment, it's in a state of what I call "controlled chaos." If you want to know more about me, check out my physical therapy marketing blog.

Let me introduce you to the rest of the team.

Ritika Gulrajani, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

They say 'Behind every crazy guy is a sane, logical woman'. (I made that up). Well, Ritika is that woman. My wife is the world's best physical therapist (in my eyes) and is the driving force behind everything on Referral Ignition. She is the 'behind the scenes' mastermind behind every concept and is constantly brainstorming ways to simplify and automate the marketing components of a private practice. She supervises daily sales reports, manages Therapy Newsletter accounts and uses her unique organizational skills whenever needed.

Her favorite task is creating, managing and updating the content on Therapy Newsletter. That's when she's not insisting I quit working long hours on my computer.

I think she's having a good hair day here.

Fun Fact: Ritika loves watching 'Desperate Housewives' and 'House'. I managed to get her interested in '24', but no such luck with the final season of 'Lost'. She hates red wine and loves desert wine.

Senthil J

The web mastermind behind Therapy Newsletter, Referral Ignition and other services, Senthil is the Chief Operating Officer and manages all updates and enhancements. He is a magician with the internet, checks his email every 1.257 seconds and is a heartbeat away from spotting trends in technology and computer programming

It seems Senthil decided to look nice for this picture.

Fun Fact: Senthil loves listening to meditation and orchestra music while driving and flying, as he zips between 3 continents conducting meetings with high profile Fortune 500 companies.