Join Thousands of Physical Therapists, Rehab Professionals & Hospitals Who Trust Therapy Newsletter To Get More Patients, Increase Physician Referrals and Build Expert Status on Autopilot!

Join Thousands of Physical Therapists, Rehab Professionals & Hospitals
Who Trust Therapy Newsletter To Get More Patients,
Increase Physician Referrals and Build Expert Status on Autopilot!

Here’s Why: This Automated Patient Newsletter and
Email Marketing System Is Guaranteed To:

Attract New Patients

Increase Patient Retention

Get Physician Referrals

Save Time, Effort and Money

Instantly Build Expert Status

Grow Your Patient List




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Completely Automated, Done-For-You System

It doesn’t get any easier than this.. We write the content every 2 weeks. You customize it just once.

On-Demand Email Blast To Your Patients

You get a lot more than just a done-for-you newsletter service with Therapy Newsletter.

Add Your Own Content, Pictures and Logos

Give your newsletter your personal look and feel with custom headers, footers, colors…

Content Specifically Engineered To Stimulate Patient Referrals

The built-in ‘refer a friend’ feature in each newsletter dramatically stimulates exponential, viral growth of your brand.

You Be The Judge

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Here’s The Best Part – A Done-For-You Newsletter is sent like clockwork, Twice a Month, To Your Patients and Referral Sources by Email, Mail and Fax and You Don’t Have To Lift a Finger!

Here’s the bottom line. The Therapy Newsletter is a 21st century marketing solution for today’s busy private practice. Each month, Therapy Newsletter automatically delivers two content rich newsletters to your patients without you having to write a single word. The result – more new patients, increased credibility with doctors and qualified referrals from newsletter readers. No other service comes remotely close in terms of price, benefits and customer service.


Twice a month, the system automatically delivers content rich newsletters to patients and doctors in your community and you don’t do a thing!

This system was built by a private practice owner who understands that we don’t have much time to spend on marketing. This fully customizable, done-for-you newsletter technology guarantees to resolve your marketing problems once and for all. You can sit back and relax because the content is generated by a team of licensed physical therapists who go to work for you every two weeks, keeping you in front of and in the minds of patients and doctors.

Let’s face it. We understand that you don’t have the time to write bi-weekly newsletters filled with content and a ‘call to action’ for patients, since you’re busy running your practice. Who wants to spend several hours each day creating fresh content, writing articles, and formatting newsletters? That’s why the creator of the Therapy Newsletter, Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT, a private practice owner, developed this time saving technology to help you grow your clinic. Let Therapy Newsletter deliver two fresh, content rich newsletters and deliver them in multiple formats (email, video, print and fax) to your patients and doctors each month on your behalf – all on autopilot.

This has definitely helped with my “to-do” list, from starting a publication to developing ideas about marketing for direct access. The newsletter service runs smoothly, features a great deal of customization, and provides me with a growing bank of marketing materials – a fabulous deal for the money! Many thanks

Shannon Murphy PT

This newsletter is a great tool to market to patients and doctors alike. The tips and secrets are very user friendly. I particularly like the refer-a-patient-click-here feature.

Philip Chan PT

This is a great product and will be of tremendous benefit to private practice owners trying to market their practices. It is an absolutely amazing marketing powerhouse giving the user far greater flexibility than anything I have seen on the market.

Michael Jones PT

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Email Yourself Five Past Therapy Newsletter Issues And Decide For Yourself.


Stimulate patient referrals with the built in ‘refer a friend’ technology for patients and ‘one click’ unlimited faxing to doctors!

Every content rich newsletter is specifically engineered to promote internal referrals. The built-in ‘refer a friend’ feature in each newsletter dramatically stimulates exponential, viral growth of your brand. Transmit the newsletter to hundreds of doctors with the push of a button using the integrated fax capability, allowing you to flood your community with your message and content.


Print and hand out your newsletter to patients, doctors and local businesses

If you thought this was an email only program, think again! Your newsletter is available as a beautiful, completely customizable word document twice a month, giving you the ability to instantly customize and print high quality color or black and white newsletters that can be distributed to patients, doctors and local businesses, further enhancing your reputation as an expert.

The best way to distribute the newsletter is to follow the ‘distribution trifecta’. We provide you with an automated emailed version, a printer friendly version (which you can easily print in your office) and a ready-to-fax PDF version that can be faxed to hundreds of doctors with the click of a button.

It’s never been easier to market your practice.

Therapy Newsletter keeps your message ‘top of mind’, resulting in more referrals from patients, a boost in recognition from doctors and instant celebrity status in your community.


Quickly collect email addresses from patients who visit your website by providing them with instantly downloadable eBooks (which they can access after they enter their name and email address on your website).

When it comes to marketing your private practice, the best way to communicate with your patients is with the use of email. If you don’t have a list of emails, don’t worry because we teach you TWO methods to build your email list. In fact, patients will happily give you their emails when you implement any of our proprietary techniques.

We make it fast and simple for you to build your email list. You get several, done-for-you “patient stimulator” eBooks (which you can customize and re-use in any way you like including print and online distribution) on several topics ranging from low back pain to shoulder pain and weight loss.

You collect patient’s emails in one of two ways. On one hand, your patient comes to your website and enters their name and email address in a form on your site. Once they enter that information, the data is automatically stored in your Therapy Newsletter account and they start getting your newsletters twice a month (every patient has the option to unsubscribe from your newsletter at any time).

Once the patient enters their name and email on the form on your website, they can automatically access the FREE eBooks on various subjects like low back pain, secrets to good posture, how to beat arthritis, shoulder pain, weight loss and much more. In this manner, Therapy Newsletter gives you ready-to-use lead generation ‘hooks’ that are completely customizable and serve as ‘lead generators’ for your clinic. This allows you to build your email list.

You can also send them email sequences (new patients get a welcome sequence, discharged patients get a ‘thank you’ sequence, patients who miss appointments get reminder sequences and so on). You can also build trust and recognition with your patients by sending them automated birthday greetings!

Another way for you to collect your email list is to simply call patients and use our proprietary script.

“We have great news for you. We are giving away FREE eBooks on …. (choose from a variety of eBooks we provide you once you become a member and make those available to your patients) and these books are delivered digitally since we want to save on the cost of printing and shipping. What is your email so we know where to send the books?

That’s it. This script works like a charm every time you use it. When you use this script by phone, in person or with a letter, over 90% of your patients will gladly give you their email address. Once you add this email address to Therapy Newsletter, the technology does the rest.

Tip: It’s a good idea to ask patient’s to provide their email address on the patient intake form. Don’t make it optional. In case they ask, just let them know they will be getting FREE eBooks and a FREE subscription to your emailed newsletter. The technology allows them to opt out at any time.


Completely automatic, no technical knowledge, no website, no email list of patients required

Even if you don’t have a website or a ‘list’ of emails, Therapy Newsletter can work as your one-stop communication system to stay in touch with patients, build trust and loyalty, condition patients to become more compliant and transform them into ‘human billboards’ for your clinic. In 20 minutes or less, we can have you up and running and completely automate your referral generation efforts.


Content Repurposing – Current members can re-use the content on websites/newspaper columns/patient handouts since they own the copyright to the content

If you were to hire someone to write, edit, deliver the newsletter in multiple formats (email, video, print, fax), the cost could run into HUNDREDS of dollars each month, not to mention the lack of consistency and quality in the writing, formatting and distribution.

Fortunately, you don’t have to bother with any of this, because we take care of this for you. Each month, professional writers create and deliver the content to you not once, but twice.. Just login to your account, access the content and make as many changes as you like. You can edit every single component of the newsletter (logo, template, contact information and content). It’s like having your own, in-house team to write, edit, format and distribute your newsletter twice a month. How much would you pay for a service like this that can literally save you hundreds of dollars each month? Here’s the best part – as long as you remain a member, you have unrestricted use of all eBooks, all newsletters in any manner you like. You can use the content on your website/in a local newspaper column and patient handouts since you own the copyright to the material. Please keep in mind that if and when your account is ended/cancelled/delinquent, you are not permitted to repurpose any of the content and you will need to remove our content within 10 business days. For more information, please click here to review our terms of use.


Exclusive License to edit any picture, logo and every single word on your newsletter, with 7 different templates and unlimited color selections to choose from

Take advantage of our click-and-edit technology and enjoy complete creative control. Give your newsletter your personal look and feel with custom headers, footers, colors, and even format with our advanced editor. Easily add content, edit content, or remove any part of the newsletter to reflect your specific treatment philosophy. It gets much better. You enjoy an email exclusive license to the Therapy Newsletter, which means your competitor will not be allowed to use the same technology to market to doctors and patients in your area. A patient who is already on your email list will never get another email from another Therapy Newsletter client period.



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