Therapy Newsletter Now Automatically Connects with
Over 500 Applications (including Infusionsoft)

An unprecedented number of marketing opportunities have now opened up for
Therapy Newsletter users with our brand-new cross-platform integration.

This will automate all your marketing tasks and is the first cross-platform integration of its kind in the world.

Post Webhook data to Facebook
Turn Webhooks Into Sent Emails
Send a webhook when you have a new PayPal sale
Add Data to a Spreadsheet from a Webhook
Get Slack notifications for new information from a Webhook
Send a webhook to Pushover
Send an email from Gmail when a webhook is received
New Typeform entry to Webhook post
Add MailChimp list subscribers from a webhook
POST to a webhook URL for new submissions to a Webflow form
Add new Infusionsoft contacts from webhooks
Create SalesforceIQ relationships from new Webhooks
Get Slack notifications for new Hacker News mentions
Send MessageBird SMS messages from webhooks
Share webhooks via Flowdock messages
POST new MailChimp subscribers to a webhook URL
Send a webhook on a new Wufoo form entry
Send Gmail emails through webhooks
Send a webhook when an email is sent to Zapier Email Parser
POST new Facebook ad leads to a webhook
POST new Twitter search mentions to a webhook
Make webhook POSTs from emails that match searches on Gmail
GET data from a webhook URL every day
Create Webhook post from new Unbounce submissions
Add new Webhook POST requests to GoToWebinar as registrants
Send data from a webhook through a new webhook
Send a webhook when an RSS feed is updated
Get Pushbullet text notifications from webhooks
POST new BitBucket changesets to webhook URL
Send a webhook when a new row is created in Google Sheets
Make HubSpot form submissions from webhooks
Integrate Webhooks with Glip
Send webhook notifications as an SMS message with Twilio
Create webhooks from Tumblr posts
POST to webhook for new subscribers on SumoMe
POST new HubSpot list contacts to a webhook URL
Create a Trello card when a webhook is received
Send an email from Mandrill when you receive a webhook
Create new GetResponse contacts via Webhooks
POST updated Google Sheets rows to a webhook URL
POST new user tweets to a webhook
Send email from SparkPost when Webhook events occur
Create Webhooks posts for new email messages
Send Hubspot form submissions to a webhook
Post to a webhook from a Flic button
Create ActiveCampaign contacts from webhooks
POST your new tweets to a webhook
Post new ContactUs contacts to Webhooks
Add tickets to Groove for caught webhook payloads
Turn webhooks into Zendesk tickets
Catch Webhook data to update Geckoboard text widgets
Get Slack direct messages for new webhooks
Send a webhook to HipChat
Create contacts in Constant Contact from Webhooks
Set Slack channel topics from new webhook payloads
Create a Zapier delay from a new webhook
Save Webhook request data as MySQL rows
Create Webhook post from new JotForm submissions
Send webhook POST requests on a daily schedule
Send webhook as new Intercom messages
Create webhooks posts for new AWeber subscribers
Create meetings on GoToMeeting for new webhook data
POST new SurveyMonkey responses to a webhook URL
Create HubSpot contacts from webhooks
Use Webhooks and Twilio to call phones automatically
Add datapoints to Beeminder for payloads caught by a webhook
Create New Quickbooks Customers from a Webhook
POST new Formidable entries to a webhook URL
Turn Webhooks into new conversations in Help Scout
Turn new Toggl time entries into Webhooks
Create new Follow Up Boss website events for webhook payloads
Post new tracks from followed SoundCloud users with Webhooks
POST updated or new Spotio pins to a webhook URL
Post new webhook payloads to an RSS feed
Make webhook POSTs for new 123ContactForm submissions
Add a new Salesforce lead from a webhook
Post new ClickFunnels orders to a webhook
Create a Webhook post request from emails parsed by
POST new Google Forms responses to a webhook URL
New Gravity Forms submissions create a webhook
Relay Webhook messages posted to a web server as Twitter tweets
Send webhook URL payloads to as leads
POST new Google Calendar events to a webhook URL
Send your Facebook Page posts to a webhook URL
Create MongoDB documents with new webhook data
Create Amazon SQS JSON messages from payloads caught by a webhook
Save data from Webhooks to Airtable
Create AWeber subscribers from webhooks
POST new Google Calendar events to a webhook URL
Get Instapush notifications for Webhooks data
Add new Webhook POST requests to Zoho CRM as leads
Send a webhook to a phone via SMS
Create Freshdesk tickets for new Webhook data
Send caught webhook data via SMTP emails
Create new JIRA issues from caught webhook payloads
Update values on Cyfe with webhook payloads
Send new Webhook information by SMS
POST messages to a Webhooks URL for new completed Runscope Radar tests
POST to webhook for new Reddit posts or comments matching search
Create Webhook posts from New Relic alerts