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Orthopaedic and Sports Therapy Center
SPOTLIGHT Wellness Director- Brad Ezzell

Brad Ezzell


Director of Wellness and Sports Performance

Brad is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and the Director of Wellness and Sports Performance at OSTC. Brad was a Strength and Conditioning coach for the Wichita Falls Wildcats hockey team from 2010-2012 and runs our annual Athlete’s Advantage summer program. Brad is certified in performing functional movement screens (FMS) with athletes as well as being a certified nutritional coach (PN-I) through Precision Nutrition and a certified speed and agility specialist (CSAS) through the International Youth Conditioning Association. After graduating from Holliday High School, he earned his bachelor's degree in Exercise Sports Science from Texas Tech University. Brad currently lives in Wichita Falls with his wife Paige and their two sons, Bradley and Barrett. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and recreational sports.

What People are Saying about OSTC:

Friendly staff and very patient with people.


OSTC should be paying me as a marketing rep, because I highly recommend them to everyone!


Therapist and staff all do an outstanding job!


Thank you for all your care and making me feel important.

Clean pleasant experience every time, love being around young energetic people.


I have had an excellent experience.  Everyone has been friendly, helpful and encouraging, especially, Kris my therapist.

Proud to be Texoma's Best 2017 Rehab/Physical Therapy Facility

 Texomas Best 2017OSTC would like to thank all of our patients and members for voting us Texoma's Best!  This award was started in 1992 by the Time's Record News to recognize local businesses that are voted on by the communitee.  

At OSTC, we strive to provide our patients, our wellness members and their families  with the best medical services in sports medicine, physical therapy, and health/wellness.

We constantly challenge ourselves to improve the quality of our service and professionalism by attending top medical conferences across the nation. We strive to become leaders in the medical field by keeping up-to-date with changing needs in healthcare by utilizing our collective skills in a united team effort.


OSTC, more that Physical Therapy. Welcome to Wellness

Many of our patients are initially unaware of the Wellness/Personal Training programs available at OSTC.  These programs are open to the general public for a low cost membership fee.  As an added bonus, any person who recieves physical therapy at OSTC is eligible for a free month of membership.  We have found that this helps clients transition out of physical therapy and continue their exercises.  During this time, patients can use all the equipment they are accustom to as well as direct access to their physical therapist should any questions arise.  

We also offer a variety of Wellness Programs.

 • Personal Training

The personal trainers at OSTC are the best in area!  The professional wellness staff consists of certified strength and conditioning specialists (CSCS), nutritional coaches certified through National Association of Sports Medicine and Precision Nutrition, as well as a licensed massage therapist.  

We offer great option for those who need some additional motivation. We help anyone from athletes looking for that extra edge, to those who just want to be healthy.  Our clients can choose to work with a CSCS one on one, in small groups or join our large group fit camps or pool classes.

Pool Classes

Pool Class is open to our wellness members for no extra fee.  The classes offer a fun and upbeat atmosphere, while members exercise in our indoor heated pool.  Water aerobics is best known for reducing stress on the joints while allowing participants to still exercise to their maximum potential.

• Nutritional Coaching and Weight Loss Program.

At OSTC, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight.  We can help you do this with nutritional coaching and guidance.  No drugs or specials shakes here!  We believe in working closely with you to develop a personalized meal plan that will help you lose weight the healthy way.  Our weight loss program combines exercise prescription with meal plan guidance to help you get optimal results.

• Massage Therapy

Massage is beneficial for relieving stress, improving circulation and improving sleep, all of which are beneficial for your heart. The therapy boosts the immune system, aids in reducing blood pressure, and is an integral part of stress or anger management plans and smoking cessation programs.

Massage Therapy is one of the oldest treatments used by mankind.  At OSTC, we are proud to say our licensed massage therapist, Jackie Malone, is one of the best and most highly certified therapists in the Wichita Falls area.  This therapy has proven beneficial to many chronic illnesses such as low back pain and arthritis. All different kinds of people benefit from massage; from your weekend warriors to competitive atheltes, home gardeneres, company executives, and our older generetions.  

Physical Therapy for Heart Health

Whether an individual wants to improve their heart health or general overal health, a personal trainer can help. The average adult has a heart that beats 72 times per minute, circulating oxygenated blood throughout the body, but without appropriate exercise it weakens.

The heart is an amazing piece of bio-engineering, but a variety of factors can interfere with its proper functioning that includes smoking, alcohol, high cholesterol levels and stress. Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide and many of those deaths could be prevented with a properly designed program to keep the heart healthy.

Even patients who have smoked for many years and quit or led a sedentary lifestyle can benefit from cardiovascular exercise.   The heart is a muscle like any other and benefits from exercise and lifestyle changes. Many people have experienced difficulty performing even simple tasks like sitting or standing that can be linked to poor heart health.

 It’s never too late to begin a heart healthy perosnal training program. 

8 Benefits For The Heart

Personal TrainingJust 30 minutes of exercise five days a week can significantly improve heart health. A heart in healthy condition beats easier and with less effort. It’s stronger and better able to meet a variety of additional demands made upon it by its owner. Personal Training can help with:

  • Mobility issues
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Nutritional advice
  • Lower stress
  • Weight control
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased endurance

Even a modest amount of exercise is beneficial for the heart. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous, boring and leave individuals breathless to be valuable. Swimming, biking and walking are all excellent forms of exercise that can be incorporated into a heart healthy exercise program.

Aerobic activities are especially beneficial to strengthen and reduce the risk of heart-related disease and the potential of a second coronary event for individuals who have already had a heart attack. Not all patients may be good candidates for aerobic exercise and other options will be utilized.

Healthy Heart - Longer Life

Your personal trainer has a wide variety of methods, techniques and modifications that can be incorporated into an exercise program for your heart. Your exercise program will factor in your current fitness level and any chronic conditions or limitations. It will be individualized and be adjustable to accommodate your changing needs.

Weight training, aerobic exercises, and group classes are all beneficial for heart health.   Modifications to an exercise can always be utilized when a particular exercise is too hard for a participant.

Water Aerobics is a method that adds an extra level of enjoyment to exercise sessions. You’ll exercise in water that buoys the body, thereby reducing the weight and gravity that’s placed upon your body for easier movement. It’s particularly effective and beneficial if you also have joint pain. The water acts as mild resistance training and soothes away stress that contributes to heart conditions.

Your personal trainer is an expert in body movement and can create a customized program of exercise and nutrition to strengthen your heart, keep it healthy and build endurance. Lowering your risk of cardiac related problems is just one of the benefits of aerobic exercise and can keep your heart healthy for life.

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