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Orthopaedic and Sports Therapy Center
Athletes' Advantage starts this week!

OSTC'S Athletes' Advantage starts this Monday! It is not to late to get signed up, just call or come up to OSTC Monday and get your athlete signed up for our 6 week strength and conditioning program.  

Our program is lead by Brad Ezzell, CSCS, CSAS, FMS, PN-1. As the director of Sports Performance he has worked with various levels of athletes including club, high school, collegiate and professional. Brad has been training for 8 years as well as running the Athlete’s Advantage Program for 10 years. OSTC is the only facility in the North Texas Area that uses the Sports Metrics program. This is a plyometric program that is scientifically proven to decrease the risk of ACL injuries and increase vertical jump by 10%,

At OSTC, we offer several sessions throughout the day to accommodate athletes of different ages and sports.  Athlete's advantage is beneficial for all athletes ages 8-18, and each session is tailored to help the athlete gain strength, conditioning, agility, footwork and athletic performance. To learn more about Athletes' Advantage, please contact us at therapy@ostcwf.com or 940-692-4688.


What are people saying about OSTC?

“Everyone that I have dealt with has been over-the-top with positive attitude, humor, knowledge and courtesy. Great team!”

“The staff from top to bottom has been nothing but wonderful. Thank you all for caring about me and my health/wellness.”

“Therapy is always in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere which makes therapy so much easier. Staff was always smiling, happy, and willing to help.”

“You have the best therapy I’ve ever taken.”

“All staff members are well trained and extremely friendly and helpful. I will be staying on with the wellness program following therapy.” 

OSTC NEWS! Congratulations to all our Graduates!

OSTC would like to take a moment to recognize and congratulate all of the physical therapy technicians that graduated this past semester.  These graduates have gone on to pursue careers in physical therapy and the medical field.  We wish them all the best in their future endevors,

cap throw

OSTC Hosts 15th Annual Coaches Clinic

 For most parents and athletes, June marks the beginning of summer, but for local coaches and athletic trainers it is the time to prepare for next years competitions.  OSTC offers annual coaches training to help keep our coaches up to date with UIL mandated protocols.  This training includes CPR/AED certification from the American Red Cross and Concussion Training from the UIL.  The athletic trainers and physical therapists at OSTC set aside one day a year to provide this free training to the schools served by OSTC's sports medicine staff.  To help make coaches training a little more interesting, OSTC also provides our coaches with breakfast, lunch and a fun afternoon of golf or pedicures.  This is a day to get to know the coaches of the schools we service and develop trusting relationships.  Schools serviced by OSTC's sports medicine staff are Burkburnett ISD, Holliday ISD, Hennrietta ISD, Iowa Park ISD, Notre Dame Catholic School and Christ Academy.

Coaches clinic

Athletes, injuries and the Solution

Athlete Injury

Strains, sprains, pulled muscles and even fractures are just some of the possible injuries that can befall recreational, amateur and professional athletes. The injuries are often more severe than those sustained at home or work, requiring multiple physical therapy and rehabilitation techniques to restore full functionality to the affected area.  

Overuse injuries are common and while they may initially not appear to be severe in nature, they can quickly transition into a chronic condition if left untreated. A sore joint from golfing, tennis, swimming or pitching can result in pain, neurological damage and dysfunction that may remove an athlete from play for an entire season or derail a promising career.

Sports injuries run the gamut, from pulled groin and hamstring muscles, elbow and rotator cuff problems, to fractures and dislocations. Injuries are often exacerbated by the athlete’s decision to “power through the pain.” Physical therapy techniques are effective in treating and preventing injuries and providing rehabilitation following an injury or surgery. The need for therapy is especially crucial for sports related injuries.

Physical therapy provides pain relief and management that doesn’t rely on prescription medications or invasive methods. It is effective for improving sports performance and treating musculoskeletal and neurological damage resulting from injuries ranging from concussions to turf toe.

Athletes are masters of precise movements and control, but even a slight variation or miscalculation can result in an injury. Physical therapists are experts in the biomechanics of the body and the therapies that will best heal and rehabilitate specific injuries. Therapists work with current injuries and prior conditions that may have lingering symptoms.

The Best Laid Plans

throwing practice

Despite careful training and appropriate precautions, an injury can still occur and that is especially true for

 youngsters and recreational athletes. More than 1.35 million children participating in sports pro

grams will experience a serious injury. Many recreational athletes sustain injuries that could have been avoided with sufficient stretching and warm-up exercises.Each type of sports activity carries its own unique risks for an injury. Physical therapists can help athletes of all ages with assessments to determine areas of body weakness and concern. The therapeutic methods used will depend on the injury, its severity, and the individual. Each phase of treatment, management and rehabilitation requires specific methods to return patients to functionality.

Therapies for Life

An injury requires immediate attention and our therapists provide extensive expertise combined with advanced technology. Depending upon the injury, heat and cold therapies may be employed and used in combination with other methods, all of which are designed to ease pain, maintain mobility and rehabilitate.

Electrical stimulation, ultrasound therapy, class IV LASER, cupping, soft tissue massage and dry needling are just a few of the modalities that are available to our patients to alleviate pain and improve function. Resistance exercises, stretching and functional exercises can be used to enhance balance, coordination and endurance, along with strength and stability.Laser

For overhead athletes, throwing analysis is available to help athletes increase velocity and accuracy while decreasing the risk of possible injury.

Gait assessments identify areas of weakness and inefficiency. Aquatic therapy reduces the stress and drag of gravity on the body, enabling patients to participate in more strenuous forms of rehabilitation. Movements are easier and water offers gentle resistance for building strength, endurance and stability.

Our physical therapists help athletes at all levels of ability in any sporting endeavor reduce the risk of injury, treat injuries that do occur, and provide multiple types of rehabilitation techniques that are tailored to the patient. The evidenced-based therapies are appropriate for the specialized level of care needed to treat sports-related injuries.

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