A lot has been said about physical therapy newsletter but what purpose does it really serve? At its most basic, a physical therapy newsletter serves as a communication vehicle for your patients who have a shared interest – how physical therapy (through your services) can help them. It gives them informative contents to educate and update them about what’s happening with the industry in general and your clinic in particular. Patient education can be done by offering specific health tips which shows them you care for their wellbeing.

A physical therapy newsletter can also be a call to action for your patients to refer someone they know who can benefit from your services since you have already positioned yourself as an expert through personal encounter and boosted by the value you gave them via the physical therapy newsletter.

At its best, a physical therapy newsletter must allow interaction between you and your audience. This can be done through surveys and contests. When you allow reader’s involvement, they begin to appreciate and anticipate receiving the newsletter. This strengthens your relationship with them which of course, leads to their trust and confidence in you. In this business, trust and confidence generates new patients and increase retention rates of existing patients.

Another purpose of the physical therapy newsletter delivered consistently and regularly is building credibility. The longer you deliver the newsletter the same day every month will project a positive image and the secondary image that your private practice is permanent and reliable.  This reinforces their loyalty.

The physical therapy newsletter can also spotlight your private practice and create more awareness of your presence in the community. This can be done through announcements of milestones, accomplishments and special events of the clinic. This creates more interest and tells your audience that you are dynamic and active. At the same, the physical therapy newsletter can change the attitudes of other people who are barely aware of your presence. The success stories you can feature in your newsletter will further strengthen your presence.

A physical therapy newsletter designed creatively is an effective marketing tool. By including testimonials from very satisfied patients and explaining the benefits they can have, the readers will be more inclined to avail of your services.

Ultimately, all the elements of the physical therapy newsletter must come together to generate the preferred response from the readers, that they become referral sources and human billboards for your physical therapy business.