Marketing is defined by Merriam Webster as, “the process or technique of promoting, selling and distributing a product or service.”  Depending on the type of business one is engaged in, this can mean a lot of things.

For a physical therapist, physical therapy marketing can be done using various strategies.  Most successful physical therapist clinics have a good mix of short-term and long-term patients.  The first group is a good source of additional income while the second group provides a steady source of revenue.

The main goal of physical therapy marketing is to increase referrals, improve patient retention and maximize patient loads.  Here are some tested and proven marketing strategies for a physical therapist:

Build relationship with the patients, medical practitioners and personnel.  Establishing strong relationship with patients is a good physical therapy marketing practice.  It is marketing through word of mouth.  Good rapport between the physical therapist and the patient will also increase the success of the treatment plan.

Strong associations with physicians and their staff can also increase referrals.  Doctors who trust and have a strong regard for a physical therapist tend to refer their patients to them.  This is effective physical therapy marketing that costs nothing.

Create online presence through a dynamic website.  Physical therapy marketing these days includes online advertising and this can be easily done with an informative website.  Visitors on the website can be tracked and can be turned into actual patients.  Maintaining a professional website can help with establishing a good reputation for the therapist and his or her clinic.

A newsletter, sent on a regular basis, is a good physical therapy marketing strategy that allows the therapist to stay connected to patients and other medical professionals.  The newsletter can include updated information about medical conditions, equipments and techniques that might prove helpful to the recipients.
Advertise in the Yellow Pages.  To become known around the locality and surrounding areas, placing an ad in the Yellow Pages is common physical therapy marketing strategy.  Some patients still search for products and services offline.  Including a coupon for a free consult is also a good way to attract new patients.  The ads can be designed to target certain patient groups to make it a more effective physical therapy marketing.

Physical therapists should never be complacent when it comes to doing physical therapy marketing for their clinics.  Creativity and persistence can go a long way.  Attracting new patients and keeping old ones should be prioritize since patients are what can drive the business to succeed.