Gone are the days when people would use the Yellow Pages when doing a local search. Now, when people would like to get information, they search from the internet. This is why physical therapy marketing must also use the internet to generate leads for its business.

Physical therapy marketing aims primarily to grow the private practice and one way of doing that is to create more new business by getting new patients while maintaining the existing patients. The most powerful physical therapy marketing would still be the testimonials from very satisfied patients who serve as the human billboards of a physical therapy business. Traditional physical therapy marketing through newspapers, radio and TV ads can serve its own purpose but using the power of the Internet is far more effective in terms of reach and cost. Consider the global reach of Facebook and it has made its creator a billionaire.

Here are some basics of online physical therapy marketing:

Create your own website. Some physical therapy business owners think that they do not need to have their own websites because they already have Facebook pages but a social networking channel should be just a complement to your website. A social platform is just like building a house on rented land. To establish your web presence as part of your online physical therapy marketing strategy, it is best to have your own website with a domain that you own as well.

Do SEO for your website. There are several ways to do this but the most important thing is to use keywords to generate local traffic to your website. Your website should have the contact information of your clinic such as your physical location and phone numbers. The purpose of the SEO as part of your physical therapy marketing is to land you on the first page of any search engine like Google. Online searches usually just look at the first page of the search results.

Convert visitors of your website into prospects. Your website must provide a “contact us” form should they want to communicate with you. Another effective physical marketing strategy is to offer freebies to visitors using a sign-on page where they have to give their email addresses before they can avail of them.

Encourage insight and reviews. Again, positive testimonials from patients would validate your physical therapy business and that is like an online word-of-mouth physical therapy marketing.

Physical therapy marketing online does not need to be resource intensive because once your website is up and running, all you need to do is update it with new information.