Marketing is the key element to just about any successful business. A mediocre product can outdo a better product in the market because of marketing. Giant corporations like General Electric, Pepco and Verizon spend huge amounts of money for marketing but small businesses like a physical therapy business do not have that luxury. How else can you do physical therapy marketing ideas that are cost effective but would still bring in the results you would like to have?

Here are some physical therapy marketing ideas that would help grow your private practice and bring it  not only to success , but to significance as well.

  • Know your market. By market, this means your patients. A crucial factor in your physical therapy marketing is to what are their needs and how can you meet their needs? This might seem straightforward to you but sometimes, patients have specific needs that you might not be aware of like they prefer home exercises rather than visit your clinic.
  • Stand out. Like any other business, there is competition. Excellent physical therapy marketing dictates that you take steps to make sure you stay ahead of competition. This means giving the best physical therapy services to your patients so that you leave a lasting impression. Follow this up with after discharge communication to keep in touch with them. Discharged patients are good referral sources. They serve as your word-of-mouth physical therapy marketing.
  • Talk to your patients and other referral sources. One good way of talking to them is through a physical therapy survey.  The anonymity of the survey ensures a candidness that might not be there on face-to-face conversation. This aspect of physical therapy marketing might require an investment but the wealth information you can gather will go a long way in planning your marketing strategies.
  • Have an online presence. In this age, having a website is not rocket science. There are many providers that can develop your website for you at a minimal fee. This physical therapy marketing technique will have a wider reach than traditional marketing and will work for you 24/7.
  • Use Google. Consumers like your patients are using Google to do local searches for products and services they are interested. And with good reason since Google is the number one search engine in the planet. You can use Google Places to list you in your locality and this is one of the proven effective physical therapy marketing.
  • Use the power of social media. It does not take a lot of time to communicate and participate in social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and linked in. Physical therapy marketing or any marketing for that matter will be incomplete without social networking.
  • Use direct mail. It’s old-fashioned physical therapy marketing but it still works for people who prefer the traditional way of doing things.
  • Use email to constantly communicate with your patients. A relationship starts with communication and is sustained by communication.  Communication can be in various forms like distributing a physical therapy newsletter to give them valuable information and at the same time, to remind your patients about your private practice.

Physical therapy marketing ideas abound and it is up to you to choose whatever is fitting and best applies to your business. The bottom line is it brings the results you want.