Are you making the most of your physical therapy marketing efforts?  Many practitioners will answer yes when in reality they are not.  The reason for this is usually because their business may in fact be successful just by doing what they’ve been doing.  But often they could do even better if they unleashed the full array of physical therapy marketing tactics possible.  We will cover a number of physical therapy marketing methods and see if you are missing any.

For example, do you have an ad – preferably a display one – in your local Yellow Pages?  Or are you like so many others and are focusing all of your physical therapy marketing on the internet?  Do not for one second think the Yellow Pages are defunct.  They are anything but that and it is a big mistake if you are not using it in your physical therapy marketing mix.  And a large segment of your potential client base still uses them all the time.  Seniors and the elderly.

How about your local newspaper?  Is that in your physical therapy marketing bag of tricks?  It needs to be.  Likewise with any local weeklies such as the Pennysaver, Thrifty Nickel or whatever they may call it in your neck of the woods.  And even if you are utilizing this form of physical therapy marketing; are you making the most of it?  Such as getting huge discounts for buying your ads in bulk.  If not then you certainly should look into it.

Other very effective methods of physical therapy marketing are handouts.  This could be done two different ways.  By passing them around at trade shows and health care related conventions and gatherings.  Also by hiring someone quite cheap to give them out in public.  Or even have one of your employees doing it.  The potential with this type of physical therapy marketing may astound you.

Another powerful form of physical therapy marketing is putting flyers and brochures up in places where potential clientele frequent or congregate at.  Senior centers, fitness and health clubs along with venues where sporting events are held.  Have you refused to consider radio spots thinking they might be too expensive?  Think again; check on some of the rates in your area and you may soon be using them as a way of physical therapy marketing.

The true number of physical therapy marketing methods is only limited by the boundaries of your imagination.  Put on the thinking cap and you may very well come up with systems of physical therapy marketing you never imagined.