The Essentials of Physical Therapy Marketing

Often, physical therapy marketing is misconstrued as physical therapy advertising or promotion. Physical therapy marketing is actually far broader than these two. Promotion is a function of marketing and advertising is one of the sub-functions of promotion.

Physical therapy marketing covers the entire landscape of understanding your market and your prospective market, how to bring your product, in this case, physical therapy to your identified markets. Physical therapy marketing also includes the development of new markets.

Physical therapy marketing is also about the offering services that you can sell, rather than selling services that you offer.

Physical therapy marketing activities may include:

Business Development . In physical therapy business, this translates to growing your practice through advertising and promotion.

Product Development. The specific products involved are physical therapy services that you offer. These services might be the same with others but it is how these services are provided that might prove to be the difference between you and your competitors

Market Research. This would involve analyzing your current market to know the preferences and trends so as to help with your physical therapy marketing strategy.

Competitor Analysis. To keep ahead of competition and to be the provider of choice in your community, you must know your strengths and weaknesses and that of the competitor.

Pricing Strategy. Because of competition, prices of your physical therapy services must be reasonable and compliant with whatever legislation or state laws available. Physical therapy marketing demands that setting up prices must bring in profits.

Public Relations. Physical therapy marketing would mean that you need to be perceived in a positive way by the community where you do business. This would include not only your patients but the other health care providers and the entire community. Your good reputation should always precede you so that people trust you.

Customer Service. When everything else is the same, customer service can spell the difference between you and the competitor. Most of the time, excellent customer service would be the crucial factor when patients choose their provider. Customer service is an integral component of your physical therapy marketing strategy. At the core of your success are your patients and you must ensure that you always provide value as part of your customer service.

There are more physical therapy marketing activities but the aforementioned can jumpstart your success.