Physical therapy management necessitates a pro-active approach to problem solving.  One of the major issues a therapist will face while practicing physical therapy is managing the clinic effectively. Even the most skilled practitioners may need to undergo special training to improve their skills as physical therapy business owners.

Several physical therapy management companies provide different types of services, but it’s best to have a comprehensive suite of physical therapy management services that include mobile, email and voice broadcasting to grow your practice.

If you already have physical therapy software to manage your clinic, you can integrate a web based mobile marketing solution like  Clinical Contact to boost your physical therapy management efforts. It can integrate with your existing physical  therapy management program and is a great tool to manage your practice successfully. You can manage and market your physical therapy practice efficiently using Clinical Contact and Therapy Newsletter. When you combine this with a good physical therapy billing solution, you can market your physical therapy practice more effectively and grow your clinic.

You can use Clinical Contact while scheduling patients’ appointments, sending appointment reminders, patients’ documentation, data entry and it can integrate with most billing solutions for insurance verification, coding, billing, insurance claim submissions, resubmissions and so on and on. These activities are taken care of by highly trained accounts professionals and physical therapists in the firm. This will help you to streamline your physical therapy management tasks.

The Therapy Newsletter uses professional designed ‘prospect stimulator’ pages to capture contact information on your website to funnel the maximum number of leads to your therapy practice. The free e-books offered on the website will help collect the e-mail IDs, names etc and thus your list of people to whom you can send your news letters is born. These automated newsletters can be easily customized to suite your practice. Personalize them with the patient’s name to make a rapport with them and add your version of the special services you offer in the news letter. You can even get the area exclusive license for your newsletters to make sure your competitors are not able to  copy your successful ideas.

Marketing your clinical practice will be a major issue if you depend entirely on the conventional methods to promote your practice. You should be taking advantage of your ability to access the patients’ computer or mobile phone. Reach them twice a month with a well written and informative Therapy newsletter. Take this opportunity to offer them post treatment suggestions for their wellness. This will make sure that they will come back only to you if the need arises. Your patients will never look for another practitioner for their needs. You will also be highly recommended by them to their family and friends.

You can email the Therapy Newsletter or take a print out and fax them. The print-out versions are also used as hand out newsletters to physicians or walk-in patients for referrals. Every time you send a bunch of newsletters, you are effectively growing your list of patients. The rate of conversion to patients depends on the quality of the content and information contained in your newsletter, which helps your physical therapy management and patient retention efforts. You will be established as a leader in the physical therapy practice and your clinic will be the first thing they think of when they need the services of a therapist.