Physical therapy management requires a diverse set of skills and is the hallmark of an excellent clinical setup. The physical therapy business owner should, in addition to being a good clinician, understand the importance and the monitoring of finances. A diverse skill-set is needed for a person to qualify as an expert in physical therapy management, and it includes the following:

1.    Administrative skills

The initial skills that an individual in physical therapy management must demonstrate include efficiency with physical therapy billing coding mechanisms and practice management software. Compliance with various organizations including state laws is another consideration.  These include multi professional audits, standard of clinical practice and code of conduct documents, statutory collaborations with various parties that include Federal Government bureaus and the others. Along with other jobs, the skill set must include checklist maintenance and surveillance reports.

2.    Organizational capacities
Physical therapy management personnel must shoulder a lot of responsibility. This includes setting up meetings, creating salary sheets, providing bonuses and other jobs that are human resource based. You can get appraisal facilities and formal job descriptions and specification systems that would be useful while posting vacancies and other information in the press. The key to physical therapy management is effective management of the the entire work force of the clinic while maintaining an eye on physical therapy billing and maintaining cash flow to sustain profitability.

3.     Communication with patient families on behalf of the clinic
The personnel in charge of physical therapy management must have extra-ordinary communication skills which will be put to use while communicating with patient families and their own staff. In case the clinic is large enough to undertake research and development activities, then the operator would need to communicate and act as a link between the American Physical Therapy Association and the patient. Hence, communication skills are critical.

4.    Patient care and allied activities
Through the use of the software, the operator would be required to keep a thorough tab on the patient health and recovery process by conducting minute or elaborate diagnosis from time to time. The data is received and the evaluation is done in the form of charts and bar codes. So, the provider must be well-equipped with the billing code language as also with flowcharts and algorithms. The data generation is not limited to patients alone and can also include management statistics and health premium checkups and others.

5.    Education and public awareness services
Many established practices also include Physical Therapy management in order to create social awareness about various health and vaccination programs so that the dual needs of increasing patient traffic and social health is achieved. This can be done through sending postcards that are automatically generated using the software and other advertising methods using physical coding software. These activities must be supervised by the personnel and hence a qualification in Mass Media can also be useful for a Physical therapy manager.