Physical therapy coding can be a very confusing process even for the most skilled physical therapist because the coding procedure is modified very often. New physical therapy billing codes are added and some of the old ones are removed almost each year. This is not just the case for billing codes; the coding procedure and billing protocols are also subject to regular modifications.

Medical billing and medical coding errors are the most common errors that occur in physical therapy coding. Even the most seasoned billing staff will make such errors if they are not provided with continued training in billing procedures. There are many physical therapy softwares available that will help identify common errors associated with physical therapy reimbursement, medicare claims, cpt codes and modifiers.

Even when you are able to identify the most common physical therapy coding errors, they have to be updated every now and then or replaced with the latest versions released by the software developers at regular intervals. The easiest way to tackle this problem is outsourcing your physical therapy coding to a professional billing firm specialized in physical therapy coding. It will significantly reduce your overheads and your practice will grow quickly.

There are some great tools available in the market to improve your physical therapy practice. You can double your profits using them and also utilize the new proven ways to market your services more effectively. Clinical Contact is one such tool you can use to take your practice to a higher level.

The conventional types of marketing don’t work as effectively because we now live in a new age dominated by the internet and mobile phones. No therapist can survive in the business for long without the help of modern marketing techniques like emails, texts, voice messages and so on.

Clinical Contact is specially designed to help the practitioner reach his patients, physicians and the public through social networks, emails and mobile phones. You can use mobile marketing to contact just about any one in the country who has a cell phone. The messages are automated and you can just sit back and watch your list of patients grow after hiring Clinical Contact. You may even add value and personalize the SMS you send out to make it a one-to-one message. Cell phones are more effective in marketing because unlike the emails, the text messages are more likely to be opened and read by the addressee. You can use Clinical Contact to remind your patients of your appointments and schedules. This will increase the impact of your physical therapy coding techniques.

Therapy Newsletter is yet another tool that helps therapists to achieve success in their practice. Ability to maintain the flow of patients on a daily basis alone can spell success in physical therapy practices. Send out your news letter printouts by post to your patients or email them twice a month. Your news letters will bear your name and they will appear as if coming from your personal email.

Enhance the effectiveness of your physical therapy coding platform with automated newsletters. You can control the frequency and modify the newsletter by adding the name of the recipients. The printable versions can be used as hand out news letters for your prospects and local businesses. Use your creativity to add an attractive design or logo of your clinic to the news letter to make them more visually appealing and effective.