Physical therapy coding methods, when implemented correctly, can go a long way in boosting revenue for your clinic. In fact, the right reimbursement procedures, an understanding of medicare guidelines and do’s and dont’s of using modifiers are critical for the survival of your practice. You need to maintain accounts, payment histories and documentation of all clinical records with the patient.

In an outpatient physical therapy clinic,  a well chosen physical therapy coding program must be integrated with a marketing system to maximize revenue.  The right system will handle physical therapy cpt codes, audit reports and patient scheduling among other key functions to manage your physical therapy business.

How does the availability of physical therapy coding systems increase patient traffic (and consequently revenue) for the clinic?

1.    Reimbursement procedures

The process of reimbursement of hospital charges through an insurance coverage is made far easier in case the hospital has coding software in place. Patients or therapists can thus directly submit all the health regarded information to the concerned authorities and collect the compensation in half the time that they would have needed in case the procedure would be done without the right physical therapy coding solution.

2.    Secure data transmission (HIPAA compliance)

If the patient’s data has to be transmitted securely from your clinic to other authorities, a physical therapy coding program can help. It is essential to safeguard patient confidentiality and the right system can help you store data and transmit it securely without the possibility of any security breach, when needed.

3.    Generating statistics

Medical development and research relies on adequate surveys and compilation of data from various sources so that the entire community can benefit in the larger scale. For these purposes, coding can be used extensively for both generation and reference. In case patients need to know about recovery or survival chances, you can provide that too using the coding and data libraries in a second. This will speak volumes about your services and credibility and will generate traffic in large quantities.

4.    Resource management
Physical therapy coding software also offers outpatient clinics an opportunity to streamline finances and other resources such as personnel. This helps save time and resources.  Therefore, a physical therapy boding program can help a clinic focus on the critical tasks like quality care, customer support and compliance with state regulations while the billing part is handled seamlessly.

The advent and implementation of medical coding has given clinical research and practice settings a new dimension that has caused them to benefit in more ways than one. Apart from error-free computerized coding and data generation that can be used to the best of each patient’s advantage with timely reimbursements for clinics, physical therapy coding software has created an efficient, time saving approach that ensures complete patient satisfaction. Thus, while the software is not the reason for a clinic to be successful, it definitely ensures that the patient traffic is increased with each passing day.

If you have not done so already, get yourself a reliable physical therapy program for your physical therapy practice.