Physical therapy business sees a growth in the next five years as a lot of Americans hit the retirement age. It is a fact that seniors need physical therapy more than other age groups because of health issues caused by the aging process. A physical therapy business can get the most out of this trend by making sure that they provide services for the elderly. Emphasizing the benefits of physical therapy to the elderly is a marketing strategy that would greatly have a positive impact on a physical therapy business.

Physical therapy will help the elderly stay fit and healthy letting them maintain their independence. This is one of biggest factors that will help a physical therapy business grow.

Elderly care can sometimes be difficult for the children but a physical therapy business can offer a patient education program wherein the elderly will know how to plan ahead and prevent an elder care crisis. To quote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. With an educational and awareness program initiated by the physical therapy business, the elderly and their children can be prepared for any eventuality and will not be caught off guard by an emergency.

A physical therapy business can help put the minds of the elderly and their families by letting them know that the first step towards a more independent senior is being fit and healthy. The physical therapy business has a lot of exercise and health programs that would allow the elderly to maintain a quality of life that gives them freedom and ease of movement.

It is unrealistic to think that physical therapy can prevent the aging process but it can make aging more pleasant and decreasing the risk of age-related injuries like falling. A physical therapy business can also ease the burden of these elderly patients by giving them the necessary requirements for treatment like insurance and Medicare. PACE (Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) is a program for adults over 55 years old which allows them to be eligible and avail of physical therapy treatment.

The physical therapy business in accordance with the goal of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) should always be responsive to the current trends and changing environments o the healthcare industry. Elderly care is at the forefront of the physical therapy business because of the expected spurt of more Americans reaching the retirement age.  Just as health care trends are changing, so must the physical therapy business evolve as well.