Why is it having the right physical therapy billing software could be the difference between your company surviving, and it suffering the same fate as many others have done in a weak economy?
As a business owner you’re going to be well aware of how much of an impact on your business having a reliable cash flow will be. The thing is, you’re great at your job as a physical therapist, but when it comes to actually getting the people to pay up, your admin skills may be letting you down; after all, you spent all of that time studying to do your job well, not to be running a collection agency; right?

Of course, actually knowing who owes you the money, when they’re due to pay you, and whether they are behind on payments, is going to make a huge difference to your cash flow, and the only real way to, accurately, keep a track of all of this clerical tedium is by investing in the right physical therapy billing software.

Just imagine it for a moment; you’ve spent the day treating clients, and now you have to spend most of the night making sure that the records are properly up to date. The accounts have to be balanced, so you need to know how much has been paid, and what’s still outstanding; then you discover it.

In your haste, the previous week, to get everything done so that you could enjoy that family meal, for the first time that month, you accidentally put a decimal point in the wrong place. That doesn’t sound too bad; does it? Maybe not, all you have to do is contact the client; right? Tell them that there’s been a tiny mistake, and get them to pay the difference; that shouldn’t be a problem, should it?

Possibly not, but what if that had happened on something that you’d sent to the government? Or, you’d submitted figures to an insurance company so that you could get paid by them; how pleased do you think they would be? Finding a good and simple way of doing the physical therapy billing could save you the problem of having the insurance company wanting to check every invoice you’ve ever sent through to them.

The thing is, with the right physical therapy billing software, these problems are easy to avoid, and they cost you far less than the time it will take you to recheck everything that you’ve done; believe me, when you find one mistake you start questioning everything else, and you won’t be happy until you’ve checked it all; so much for having a meal with the family next month.

Another way in which this software can save you time and money is the physical therapy billing codes that it uses. You aren’t going to find yourself struggling to work out what each code means, and whether you’ve put in the right code so as to charge the client for the right treatment; having the right physical therapy billing codes may have saved you when it came to that decimal point error, too.

One other big advantage of a standardized set of physical therapy billing codes is the fact that you can hire people who have already used the physical therapy billing software, and have them doing the invoicing without you having to train them; which is often embarrassing if you don’t actually know what you’re doing, either.

So, in a short time from now you can confidently be sending out invoices to people, and starting to get your cash flow back under control. The physical therapy billing software will tell you who’s paid, when they paid, whether you need to be dealing with insurance claims, and how much those claims should be for, as well as many other things that are going to improve the running of your business.

With the right physical therapy billing software, and physical therapy billing codes, getting the office work done will be a breeze; then you can concentrate on the thing you actually trained to do; plus that family meal may just be back on again this month.