Physical Therapy Billing Software Benefits

Most physical therapy business owners have some type of documentation software and practice management software, but when it comes to physical therapy billing software, it is something that most clinics do in-house.

This is surprising considering the fact that timely billing and reimbursements help sustain cash flow, which is the lifeline of any business. If you do not have the right physical therapy software for billing purposes, you may run the risk of losing thousands of dollars per month if claims are not filed properly.

The right physical therapy billing software is a vital asset to any physical therapy private practice.

The main areas where a private practice owner would benefit with use of the physical therapy billing software include the following:

1. Scheduling capabilities

If you choose the right physical therapy billing software, it will streamline many of the day to day tasks associated with your practice, from appointment and meeting alerts to insurance status checks. These functions will reduce the work load on your office staff.

2. Timely billing

The right software provides you plenty of billing options right from PT modifier checks to population status when it comes to CPT coding. Also, the facility of patient eligibility, billing authorization and medical visits is made easy with the use of the software.

3. Easy notes and SOAP generation

With proper use of this software, it is possible to ensure proper notes generation in the form of check-up notes, visiting notes, consultation notes and many others. You can also have progress or depreciation notes that are specific to every patient.

4. X-Ray charts and other results display

The right physical therapy billing software can also be utilized to ensure that patient diagnosis reports such as X-Ray reports, MRI Scans, registration reports and clinical documents are scanned thoroughly and sent over to the family of the patient through electronic mail or other instant receiving services.

5. Integration with mobile, email and voice broadcasting for automated marketing

Most programs will integrated with physical therapy software programs like Clinical Contact that allow text, email marketing and voice broadcasting capabilities to help you market your clinic. Thus, all in all, you would not need any other tools other than the billing software to run your entire clinic.

6. Monitoring patients through flowcharts

Patients can be checked and monitored regularly over the period of the treatment through the means of the billing software in the form of diagrammatic representations in the form of flow charts and other algorithms. Hence, the exercise protocol and the corresponding notes can be viewed in one program. The entire clinical documentation process can be streamlined by your physical therapy documentation software.

A good physical therapy billing software is a key component for maximum profitability.

Make sure you choose the right scheduling software for your physical therapy practice and integrate it with documentation software and practice management software like Clinical Contact for maximum profitability.