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09/02/2019 Can We Buy You a Cup of Coffee? View
08/19/2019 Reverse the Aging Process Through Physical Therapy View
08/05/2019 Can we buy you a coffee? View
07/15/2019 The Kinetic CONNECT Program View
07/01/2019 Kinetic PT Participates in MRCC and Ramapo College 5K Race View
06/17/2019 Evan Chait Explains the Benefits of Essential Oils with The Bergen Record View
06/03/2019 Time Running Out – Take Advantage of In-House VitaRepair Promotion While Supplies Last View
05/20/2019 Time Running Out – Take Advantage of In-House VitaRepair Promotion While Supplies Last – View
05/06/2019 Evan Chait to Appear on News 12 New Jersey View
04/15/2019 VitaRepair In-House Promotion Extended View
04/01/2019 Check Out In-House VitaRepair Promotion View
03/18/2019 Delivering Care to AIDS Patients in Physical Therapy View
03/04/2019 The Surprising Link Between Physical Therapy and Urinary Incontinence View
02/18/2019 The Power (and Weakness) of the Wrist View
02/04/2019 The Definitive Bone Strengthening Protocol View
01/21/2019 Yes! Physical Therapy Can Make You Smile! View
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12/17/2018 Amazing Benefits of Physical Therapy to Female Athlete Triad View
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11/05/2018 Everything you need to know before and after Total Hip Replacement Operation View
10/15/2018 The Importance of Physical Therapy on Women's Health: All You Need To Know View