When they consider purchasing physical therapy billing software for their office, many physical therapists have concerns about how the software will work in their practice. They wonder whether they really need physical therapy billing software, and whether investing in technology is a good choice. They also worry that it will be difficult to change over from the way they’ve been doing things to their new software program, and they worry that their staff won’t be technologically savvy enough to begin using the software. They may also worry that installation will be difficult and time-consuming, or that they won’t get in the sales support they need after purchasing the software. All of these are important concerns for physical therapy practices as they consider purchasing physical therapy billing software. The good news is that software companies understand these concerns and have developed software that is designed to integrate seamlessly into your practice and be easy for you and your staff to use.

One thing to consider when purchasing physical therapy billing software is whether you are purchasing software designed specifically for physical therapy practices or simply generic medical billing software. There are a number of reasons that you will want to look for a software program that is designed specifically for physical therapists. Physical therapy billing software has specific features that are relevant to your practice, and these customized features are what will make it easy for you to use the software you’ve purchased in your practice. Physical therapy billing software should include everything you need to truly automate your practice. Features should include medical claims management, electronic billing for insurance, physical therapy billing, and even tools such as the forms that you’ll use to enroll new patients.

Another important part of choosing the right physical therapy billing software is to understand the support package that is offered with your software. Depending on the physical therapy billing software you purchase, the company may offer support after the purchase of this software. Some physical therapy billing software also comes with a representative who will personally come to your office and install the software, and teach users how to operate the software. Training is an important part of any software installation process. If you are good with technology, you may choose to conduct this training yourself, or you may want to take advantage of the company’s technical support to provide training. You should also ask about software support after installation, so that you know you have someone you can call if you ever run into trouble with the software. Along with training and support, you should also ask about upgrades to the software. Since physical therapy coding changes often due to changes in medical regulations, you will need to ensure that your software can be updated to account for these changes so that physical therapy coding remains accurate.

The advantages of physical therapy billing software are worth the time it will take to find out which software program is right for you. Using physical therapy billing software will result in improved efficiency, higher profitability for your practice, a more automated workflow, decreased collections, and a more streamlined process. Physical therapy billing software is designed to be compliant with HIPPA requirements, meaning that patient information is securely guarded so that it won’t accidentally be released.  Investing in physical therapy billing software doesn’t have to be scary as long as you do your research before you buy.