Physical Therapy Marketing – Simple Strategies

Marketing is defined by Merriam Webster as, “the process or technique of promoting, selling and distributing a product or service.”  Depending on the type of business one is engaged in, this can mean a lot of things.

For a physical therapist, physical therapy marketing can be done using various strategies.  Most successful physical therapist clinics have a good mix of short-term and long-term patients.  The first group is a good source of additional income while the second group provides a steady source of revenue.

The main goal of physical therapy marketing is to increase referrals, improve patient retention and maximize patient loads.  Here are some tested and proven marketing strategies for a physical therapist:

Build relationship with the patients, medical practitioners and personnel.  Establishing strong relationship with patients is a good physical therapy marketing practice.  It is marketing through word of mouth.  Good rapport between the physical therapist and the patient will also increase the success of the treatment plan.

Strong associations with physicians and their staff can also increase referrals.  Doctors who trust and have a strong regard for a physical therapist tend to refer their patients to them.  This is effective physical therapy marketing that costs nothing.

Create online presence through a dynamic website.  Physical therapy marketing these days includes online advertising and this can be easily done with an informative website.  Visitors on the website can be tracked and can be turned into actual patients.  Maintaining a professional website can help with establishing a good reputation for the therapist and his or her clinic.

A newsletter, sent on a regular basis, is a good physical therapy marketing strategy that allows the therapist to stay connected to patients and other medical professionals.  The newsletter can include updated information about medical conditions, equipments and techniques that might prove helpful to the recipients.
Advertise in the Yellow Pages.  To become known around the locality and surrounding areas, placing an ad in the Yellow Pages is common physical therapy marketing strategy.  Some patients still search for products and services offline.  Including a coupon for a free consult is also a good way to attract new patients.  The ads can be designed to target certain patient groups to make it a more effective physical therapy marketing.

Physical therapists should never be complacent when it comes to doing physical therapy marketing for their clinics.  Creativity and persistence can go a long way.  Attracting new patients and keeping old ones should be prioritize since patients are what can drive the business to succeed.

Physical Therapy Marketing Efforts

Are you making the most of your physical therapy marketing efforts?  Many practitioners will answer yes when in reality they are not.  The reason for this is usually because their business may in fact be successful just by doing what they’ve been doing.  But often they could do even better if they unleashed the full array of physical therapy marketing tactics possible.  We will cover a number of physical therapy marketing methods and see if you are missing any.

For example, do you have an ad – preferably a display one – in your local Yellow Pages?  Or are you like so many others and are focusing all of your physical therapy marketing on the internet?  Do not for one second think the Yellow Pages are defunct.  They are anything but that and it is a big mistake if you are not using it in your physical therapy marketing mix.  And a large segment of your potential client base still uses them all the time.  Seniors and the elderly.

How about your local newspaper?  Is that in your physical therapy marketing bag of tricks?  It needs to be.  Likewise with any local weeklies such as the Pennysaver, Thrifty Nickel or whatever they may call it in your neck of the woods.  And even if you are utilizing this form of physical therapy marketing; are you making the most of it?  Such as getting huge discounts for buying your ads in bulk.  If not then you certainly should look into it.

Other very effective methods of physical therapy marketing are handouts.  This could be done two different ways.  By passing them around at trade shows and health care related conventions and gatherings.  Also by hiring someone quite cheap to give them out in public.  Or even have one of your employees doing it.  The potential with this type of physical therapy marketing may astound you.

Another powerful form of physical therapy marketing is putting flyers and brochures up in places where potential clientele frequent or congregate at.  Senior centers, fitness and health clubs along with venues where sporting events are held.  Have you refused to consider radio spots thinking they might be too expensive?  Think again; check on some of the rates in your area and you may soon be using them as a way of physical therapy marketing.

The true number of physical therapy marketing methods is only limited by the boundaries of your imagination.  Put on the thinking cap and you may very well come up with systems of physical therapy marketing you never imagined.

Physical Therapy Marketing For Prosperity

If you want your physical therapy business to prosper, it is very important to come up with an effective physical therapy marketing strategy. With effective marketing, one will get the assurance that the business will roll smoothly. Take note that a business without good marketing usually fails. So if you want your physical therapy business to prosper it is important to come up with the right physical therapy marketing strategies that will surely lead you to success and the popularity you want.

The following are few important physical therapy marketing tips to make your physical therapy management effective and successful. This is especially true when your plan is to draw a great deal of people who would come to your business and avail the products and services that you offer.

Make Use of Stimulators – This physical therapy marketing method includes consumer guides, free reports, and patient giveaways. These items will definitely stimulate the senses of the people whom you are reaching. And if so happens that they receive one during their first visit, this will trigger them to come back and avail your services once again.

Toll-Free Hotlines and Pre-Recorded Messages – this will allow people to call and get messages about a particular type of service which you offer in your physical therapy business.  This is a sure-fire physical therapy marketing strategy.

Newsletter – this should be provided to your patients or your target audience in a regular manner. This is one of the common online physical therapy marketing.

Customized Messages – these messages are usually delivered in a customized manner so as to catch the interest of the people. This physical therapy marketing tool includes newsletters, fax, print, and video.

Referral Programs – this is an essential way to hook up with a great deal of people to come and see what you have to offer in your business. Such things may include reminders, guidelines, and recommendations. All of these are effective for your patients to recommend your products and services to their family and friends. This is essentially a word-of-mouth physical therapy marketing.

Thank You Presents – these presents or gifts may come in the form of notes and greeting cards.

Client Anniversaries and Birthdays – these are special dates to remember if you want your physical therapy marketing strategy to be effective. These dates are so special for your clients and if you happen to include their anniversaries and birthdays in your newsletter then this will surely result into something great for your PT business.

Clients Survey and Engagement – this is a very effective way of showing the people that you greatly care and think about them. This physical therapy marketing method requires interaction which builds relationships.

Email Marketing – email marketing and auto responders. These are effective ideas to reach your different clients and target audiences. This is easy physical therapy marketing because all will be done in an automated manner.

Mobile Marketing – this usually makes use of SMS or text messages which are effective in increasing referrals, boost patient engagement, and arrival rates of patients. This is the latest physical therapy marketing taking advantage of the trend to go mobile.

Social Media Marketing – this is a way to reach a great deal of people through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Car Wrap, Storefront, Signage, and Billboards – these are effective physical therapy marketing strategies that will greatly increase the visibility of your PT business and make it possible to go places as well.

Physical Therapy Marketing – Getting Your Message Across

Physical therapy marketing is a learning process. No one will get it right the first time but with a lot of practice physical therapy marketing can be mastered and will become like second nature for a practice. Sending the right messages to surrounding businesses including and especially other local medical establishments can help a practice develop a relationship with the local medical community which can be beneficial to the practice. It is not even necessary to meet with the other medical establishments if the right messages are sent. The content of these messages should be cordial but professional stating the intentions of your physical therapy business as it relates to mutual marketing.

Sending a fax to different medical establishments is the best way to get their attention in physical therapy marketing. While an entrepreneur might check their mail three times a week or their email twice a week, they check their fax every time it goes off which is often. It is also important for physical therapy marketing to not over message a potential marketing partner. What is spam in email is generally spam in fax as well. Trying to strike up a balance between messages (one every couple of weeks) is the best idea.

Word of mouth will always be the best form of physical therapy marketing. This means if physical therapy patients can suggest your clinic to their friends and family who may be suffering the same maladies the new patients will be more likely to use the same services. This kind of reference is highly effective and will yield a better percentage of results than others. Having a patient bring in other patients is dependent upon how well they are treated by the staff of the business.

Physical therapy marketing is more effective when those who are being marketed to hear good things about a business from people they trust.

In the end it does not matter how good the actual treatments are from a physical therapy practice if the people giving these treatments have poor bedside manner. Physical therapy marketing heavily involves the polite and civil treatment of the patients. Physical therapy marketing also involves the necessity of treating other local businesses with the respect they deserve especially if a practice wants these other local businesses to recommend a practice to their customers.

Physical Therapy Marketing Effective Methods

Physical therapy marketing is pretty much the same as it is when promoting any other type of business.

Now granted, there will be certain things specific to the field. However, for the most part the majority of physical therapy marketing will resemble that of other industries. With that said, we will discuss proven and effective methods of physical therapy marketing. It is hoped that this will be helpful in getting you more clients.

Perhaps the most effective form of physical therapy marketing may very well be something that on the surface does not even look like physical therapy marketing. What is that you ask? It is in the way you and your staff treat your patients. Every time you come in contact with them, provide treatment and just interact with them in general you are marketing yourself. Keep them happy they will be back and also be likely to refer others to your practice.

Never overlook the above-mentioned. That is some very potent physical therapy marketing. Another form of physical therapy marketing that is very affordable consists of printing out flyers and either handing them out or putting them up on bulletin boards where potential clients frequent or pass by. In the physical therapy handouts method, you can either hire someone fairly cheap or even have one of your employees passing them out.

With the billboard route you simply put them up in places like senior centers, fitness and health clubs and places were sporting events occur. Another form of physical therapy marketing is to offer your patients incentives, bonuses or discounts for referring new clients your way. And don’t forget traditional advertising as part of your physical therapy marketing. Newspaper ads or 30 second radio spots as well as local weeklies which usually have cheap rates.

Always consider every type of promotion possible as part of your physical therapy marketing mix. Never take anything off the table. After all, this is your business we are talking about and your source of income. Also take into account the possibilities when you are attending conventions, seminars or meet ups regarding the healthcare industry.

And never rest on your laurels. No matter how successful you may think you have become always have physical therapy marketing on your mind.

Keep an eye on advertising methods utilized by other industries and fields. If you see something of interest try and find a way to see how it could be implemented into your physical therapy marketing mix.

Physical Therapy Marketing To Gain More Referrals

Finding a method of physical therapy marketing to reach new clients and gain more referrals from physicians is not easy. Changes in the marketing field to use different technologies such as mobile applications and the internet create challenges for the physical therapist. However, physical therapy marketing is necessary to continue to promote the clinic or practice.

To be a good competitor in reaching the target audience, the physical therapist should devise a strategy to determine which types of media should be used and how to use it to attract new clients. The advertising and marketing budget is an important consideration when choosing how to advertise as part of the physical therapy marketing of the clinic.

Since most clients may come from doctor referrals, the physical therapy marketing may concentrate on designing and printing professional marketing material to deliver to physicians. The marketing material should have a clean, sleek design and include information about the clinic’s services and who could benefit from those services.

The physical therapist should device a physical therapy marketing plan to thoroughly describe the target market and help map out the best ways to attract them. The target market for the clinic is made of the people who are most likely to use the services. These are the people who the clinic wants to attract as new clients.

Physical therapy marketing techniques depend on the target market to be reached. If the target market is the local senior citizen population, the internet and mobile applications may not be the best way to reach that audience. If the thrust of the physical therapy marketing is to gain more clients who are children with disabilities, they may want to reach out to local organizations who help families who have disabled children.

Websites and social media are powerful physical therapy marketing tools. Having an attractive, informative, and easily navigated website is the beginning of establishing an internet presence. Some people post a website and think their internet marketing is done. If the physical therapist adds informative articles and tutorials on the website, the website may gain some attention. The physical therapist can advertise the website on the websites of other local businesses.

It can be difficult to attract any significant attention on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. The physical therapist can create a Facebook page and Twitter account for the business. Internet marketing companies can help the business gain exposure for these social media websites and the clinic’s website. The website address for the clinic’s website should be included in all the literature that is distributed to physicians and potential clients.

Physical therapy marketing can include participating in community events. The physical therapist may want to offer free health screenings that might attract new clients.

Physical therapy marketing takes effort and planning, but executing a marketing plan can help the business to grow.