Physical Therapy Newsletter and Its Purpose

 A lot has been said about physical therapy newsletter but what purpose does it really serve? At its most basic, a physical therapy newsletter serves as a communication vehicle for your patients who have a shared interest – how physical therapy (through your services) can help them. It gives them informative contents to educate and update them about what’s happening with the industry in general and your clinic in particular. Patient education can be done by offering specific health tips which shows them you care for their wellbeing.

A physical therapy newsletter can also be a call to action for your patients to refer someone they know who can benefit from your services since you have already positioned yourself as an expert through personal encounter and boosted by the value you gave them via the physical therapy newsletter.

At its best, a physical therapy newsletter must allow interaction between you and your audience. This can be done through surveys and contests. When you allow reader’s involvement, they begin to appreciate and anticipate receiving the newsletter. This strengthens your relationship with them which of course, leads to their trust and confidence in you. In this business, trust and confidence generates new patients and increase retention rates of existing patients.

Another purpose of the physical therapy newsletter delivered consistently and regularly is building credibility. The longer you deliver the newsletter the same day every month will project a positive image and the secondary image that your private practice is permanent and reliable.  This reinforces their loyalty.

The physical therapy newsletter can also spotlight your private practice and create more awareness of your presence in the community. This can be done through announcements of milestones, accomplishments and special events of the clinic. This creates more interest and tells your audience that you are dynamic and active. At the same, the physical therapy newsletter can change the attitudes of other people who are barely aware of your presence. The success stories you can feature in your newsletter will further strengthen your presence.

A physical therapy newsletter designed creatively is an effective marketing tool. By including testimonials from very satisfied patients and explaining the benefits they can have, the readers will be more inclined to avail of your services.

Ultimately, all the elements of the physical therapy newsletter must come together to generate the preferred response from the readers, that they become referral sources and human billboards for your physical therapy business.

Physical Therapy Marketing Using Mobile Devices

In the United States, more than 95% of the population has a cellphone, 91% have their cellphone within reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These statistics will tell us that people are virtually using their cellphone and other mobile devices everyday of their lives and this is a good physical therapy marketing opportunity that you need to take advantage.

Mobile physical therapy marketing makes it possible for you to keep in touch with you patients when other common modes of communications fail. People do not always open all emails because of SPAM. Using the post office when sending promotional and marketing materials can be expensive. The yellow pages are a thing of the past. Mobile devices can now access the internet so you can do physical therapy marketing by sending text messages to your patients’ mobile phones while giving them the option to visit your website for more information.

Physical therapy marketing using mobile devices allows you to communicate with them directly because people would immediately check text messages so it is important to make your message brief, engaging and offer good value. You should also give them the option to opt out anytime. This is one of the tenets of online physical therapy marketing.

Since patients have internet access using their mobile devices, you should optimize your website for mobile physical therapy marketing to keep their engagement longer which will strengthen your relationship with them.

The key when using mobile devices for your physical therapy marketing is not to be intrusive and make sure that the information are helpful and relevant.

Physical therapy marketing using mobile devices can be a combination of surveys, contests and greetings on special occasions. A physical therapy survey is a way of reaching out to your patients and telling them that you care about their opinion. Contests with prizes will engage your patients. Greeting them on special occasions will tell them that you think and care for them as individuals, not just a faceless person in a long line of patients. All these physical therapy strategies can be done through text messages that are cheaper and your patients will get to read them faster. Mobile devices allow you to get immediate responses.

Mobile physical therapy marketing will revolutionize your private practice using cutting edge technology that allows you to do this from your computer using a web-based service. A web-based service like Clinical Contacts gets you better connected with you patients and allows your physical therapy marketing to be on the go.

Physical Therapy Marketing Online

Physical therapy marketing is not just about practicing what you have learned but it is also about creating awareness of your expertise. Competition dictates that you have to put yourself out there because there are just too many experts in the field that people are overwhelmed by the available options.

Doing physical therapy marketing online can be effective and can generate more awareness than traditional marketing can. It is also cost effective.

There is a number of online physical therapy marketing strategies that you can use in order to make your presence felt but you have to know how to use them properly to gain the most benefits. One thing you must is that even before patients know about your qualifications and the physical therapy services you can offer, they have to know you are around. Physical therapists can capitalize on the power of the internet to generate that awareness.

Local searches over the web is increasing everyday so make sure your website lands in the first page of any search engine like Google. Search engine optimization is a crucial physical therapy marketing strategy that would help you in this aspect.

It is easy to create a website but it must have useful content and information that would keep online visitors interest and recommend same website to their social network. Physical therapy marketing through your website must be helpful and relevant, real stuff and not just fluff. The contents including your credential should stand scrutiny and verification so people would know you are credible and trustworthy.

Another online physical therapy marketing strategy is distributing therapy newsletter to your patients, past and present. A therapy newsletter will tell your patients you care for their well-being and health. It is a powerful way of keeping in touch with them and establishing a relationship long after you have treated them.

Your physical therapy marketing should consider discharged patients as good sources of referrals as present patients. This is where the quality of your service is crucial. Satisfied customers will tell family and friends the great experience they had. Disgruntled customers will tell the whole world about the crappy service they got. No matter how effective your online physical therapy marketing is, if you do not back it up with superior services, your physical therapy business will come crashing down on you.

Physical therapy marketing is essential for your success as a private practitioner but the real deal is giving the best services to patients.

Physical Therapy Marketing 101

The Essentials of Physical Therapy Marketing

Often, physical therapy marketing is misconstrued as physical therapy advertising or promotion. Physical therapy marketing is actually far broader than these two. Promotion is a function of marketing and advertising is one of the sub-functions of promotion.

Physical therapy marketing covers the entire landscape of understanding your market and your prospective market, how to bring your product, in this case, physical therapy to your identified markets. Physical therapy marketing also includes the development of new markets.

Physical therapy marketing is also about the offering services that you can sell, rather than selling services that you offer.

Physical therapy marketing activities may include:

Business Development . In physical therapy business, this translates to growing your practice through advertising and promotion.

Product Development. The specific products involved are physical therapy services that you offer. These services might be the same with others but it is how these services are provided that might prove to be the difference between you and your competitors

Market Research. This would involve analyzing your current market to know the preferences and trends so as to help with your physical therapy marketing strategy.

Competitor Analysis. To keep ahead of competition and to be the provider of choice in your community, you must know your strengths and weaknesses and that of the competitor.

Pricing Strategy. Because of competition, prices of your physical therapy services must be reasonable and compliant with whatever legislation or state laws available. Physical therapy marketing demands that setting up prices must bring in profits.

Public Relations. Physical therapy marketing would mean that you need to be perceived in a positive way by the community where you do business. This would include not only your patients but the other health care providers and the entire community. Your good reputation should always precede you so that people trust you.

Customer Service. When everything else is the same, customer service can spell the difference between you and the competitor. Most of the time, excellent customer service would be the crucial factor when patients choose their provider. Customer service is an integral component of your physical therapy marketing strategy. At the core of your success are your patients and you must ensure that you always provide value as part of your customer service.

There are more physical therapy marketing activities but the aforementioned can jumpstart your success.

Physical Therapy Marketing Online

Gone are the days when people would use the Yellow Pages when doing a local search. Now, when people would like to get information, they search from the internet. This is why physical therapy marketing must also use the internet to generate leads for its business.

Physical therapy marketing aims primarily to grow the private practice and one way of doing that is to create more new business by getting new patients while maintaining the existing patients. The most powerful physical therapy marketing would still be the testimonials from very satisfied patients who serve as the human billboards of a physical therapy business. Traditional physical therapy marketing through newspapers, radio and TV ads can serve its own purpose but using the power of the Internet is far more effective in terms of reach and cost. Consider the global reach of Facebook and it has made its creator a billionaire.

Here are some basics of online physical therapy marketing:

Create your own website. Some physical therapy business owners think that they do not need to have their own websites because they already have Facebook pages but a social networking channel should be just a complement to your website. A social platform is just like building a house on rented land. To establish your web presence as part of your online physical therapy marketing strategy, it is best to have your own website with a domain that you own as well.

Do SEO for your website. There are several ways to do this but the most important thing is to use keywords to generate local traffic to your website. Your website should have the contact information of your clinic such as your physical location and phone numbers. The purpose of the SEO as part of your physical therapy marketing is to land you on the first page of any search engine like Google. Online searches usually just look at the first page of the search results.

Convert visitors of your website into prospects. Your website must provide a “contact us” form should they want to communicate with you. Another effective physical marketing strategy is to offer freebies to visitors using a sign-on page where they have to give their email addresses before they can avail of them.

Encourage insight and reviews. Again, positive testimonials from patients would validate your physical therapy business and that is like an online word-of-mouth physical therapy marketing.

Physical therapy marketing online does not need to be resource intensive because once your website is up and running, all you need to do is update it with new information.

Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas

Marketing is the key element to just about any successful business. A mediocre product can outdo a better product in the market because of marketing. Giant corporations like General Electric, Pepco and Verizon spend huge amounts of money for marketing but small businesses like a physical therapy business do not have that luxury. How else can you do physical therapy marketing ideas that are cost effective but would still bring in the results you would like to have?

Here are some physical therapy marketing ideas that would help grow your private practice and bring it  not only to success , but to significance as well.

  • Know your market. By market, this means your patients. A crucial factor in your physical therapy marketing is to what are their needs and how can you meet their needs? This might seem straightforward to you but sometimes, patients have specific needs that you might not be aware of like they prefer home exercises rather than visit your clinic.
  • Stand out. Like any other business, there is competition. Excellent physical therapy marketing dictates that you take steps to make sure you stay ahead of competition. This means giving the best physical therapy services to your patients so that you leave a lasting impression. Follow this up with after discharge communication to keep in touch with them. Discharged patients are good referral sources. They serve as your word-of-mouth physical therapy marketing.
  • Talk to your patients and other referral sources. One good way of talking to them is through a physical therapy survey.  The anonymity of the survey ensures a candidness that might not be there on face-to-face conversation. This aspect of physical therapy marketing might require an investment but the wealth information you can gather will go a long way in planning your marketing strategies.
  • Have an online presence. In this age, having a website is not rocket science. There are many providers that can develop your website for you at a minimal fee. This physical therapy marketing technique will have a wider reach than traditional marketing and will work for you 24/7.
  • Use Google. Consumers like your patients are using Google to do local searches for products and services they are interested. And with good reason since Google is the number one search engine in the planet. You can use Google Places to list you in your locality and this is one of the proven effective physical therapy marketing.
  • Use the power of social media. It does not take a lot of time to communicate and participate in social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and linked in. Physical therapy marketing or any marketing for that matter will be incomplete without social networking.
  • Use direct mail. It’s old-fashioned physical therapy marketing but it still works for people who prefer the traditional way of doing things.
  • Use email to constantly communicate with your patients. A relationship starts with communication and is sustained by communication.  Communication can be in various forms like distributing a physical therapy newsletter to give them valuable information and at the same time, to remind your patients about your private practice.

Physical therapy marketing ideas abound and it is up to you to choose whatever is fitting and best applies to your business. The bottom line is it brings the results you want.