Physical Therapy Billing Software: Selecting Your Provider

Sometimes in the business of physical therapy billing, there is just no easy way to get it done. Physical therapy billing codes are not exactly child’s play and sometimes someone who has the proper aptitude with the mechanics of the human body might not have the aptitude to work a bunch of coding to perfection. Sometimes you simply have to contract this sort of work out to someone who knows what they are doing and will ensure your success when it comes to the proper billing of patients.

Experts with physical therapy billing software will usually insist upon a percentage of the collected revenue from the patients you see as well as the money posted to your account. This payment translates to both the insurance and patient payments. While you’ll never know until you are working with the particular company what the percentage is, make sure you shop around to get the best and most competitive rates for your dollar. Check their histories with physical therapy billing codes and make sure they are reputable in their field.

A contracting company will usually have access to multiple types of software to serve your physical therapy billing needs. The multitudes of software will most likely be catered to the needs of the clients they are serving. The use of this software will be included in the fees that the company charges you. Many companies will even offer you other services like scheduling, documentation and reporting modules for patients.

If you are currently using your own software and have just become overwhelmed with the work and want to transfer some of this responsibility, a good physical therapy billing company will be able to help you by converting the information you have into something they can work with. Their knowledge of physical therapy billing codes helps facilitate this switch. All of the data you’ve already collected can be easily switched via scanner or fax. This information is then kept safe and is easily accessible by you or the company you are working with.

A good company will be able to give you contractual statements of the expediency in their filing of claims. A typical contract will state the company will file any claim within 48 hours, though some may in reality be able to file these claims in less than 24 hours. Any information they need they will ask for it when claims are filed.  The claims are submitted to the corresponding insurance companies or patients through electronic means or paper means. Payments sent electronically are sent directly to the client’s bank account. Having the proper knowledge of physical therapy billing codes makes these payments quick and easy. The physical therapy billing software used ensures that all of the coding is properly scribed into the database. Errors can make it so you don’t receive your payments on time and in turn the company will not receive its contracted payments on time either. This proper symbiosis of companies is vital to the survival of both and both rely on proper physical therapy billing codes.


Physical Therapy Billing Software: Points to Consider

When they consider purchasing physical therapy billing software for their office, many physical therapists have concerns about how the software will work in their practice. They wonder whether they really need physical therapy billing software, and whether investing in technology is a good choice. They also worry that it will be difficult to change over from the way they’ve been doing things to their new software program, and they worry that their staff won’t be technologically savvy enough to begin using the software. They may also worry that installation will be difficult and time-consuming, or that they won’t get in the sales support they need after purchasing the software. All of these are important concerns for physical therapy practices as they consider purchasing physical therapy billing software. The good news is that software companies understand these concerns and have developed software that is designed to integrate seamlessly into your practice and be easy for you and your staff to use.

One thing to consider when purchasing physical therapy billing software is whether you are purchasing software designed specifically for physical therapy practices or simply generic medical billing software. There are a number of reasons that you will want to look for a software program that is designed specifically for physical therapists. Physical therapy billing software has specific features that are relevant to your practice, and these customized features are what will make it easy for you to use the software you’ve purchased in your practice. Physical therapy billing software should include everything you need to truly automate your practice. Features should include medical claims management, electronic billing for insurance, physical therapy billing, and even tools such as the forms that you’ll use to enroll new patients.

Another important part of choosing the right physical therapy billing software is to understand the support package that is offered with your software. Depending on the physical therapy billing software you purchase, the company may offer support after the purchase of this software. Some physical therapy billing software also comes with a representative who will personally come to your office and install the software, and teach users how to operate the software. Training is an important part of any software installation process. If you are good with technology, you may choose to conduct this training yourself, or you may want to take advantage of the company’s technical support to provide training. You should also ask about software support after installation, so that you know you have someone you can call if you ever run into trouble with the software. Along with training and support, you should also ask about upgrades to the software. Since physical therapy coding changes often due to changes in medical regulations, you will need to ensure that your software can be updated to account for these changes so that physical therapy coding remains accurate.

The advantages of physical therapy billing software are worth the time it will take to find out which software program is right for you. Using physical therapy billing software will result in improved efficiency, higher profitability for your practice, a more automated workflow, decreased collections, and a more streamlined process. Physical therapy billing software is designed to be compliant with HIPPA requirements, meaning that patient information is securely guarded so that it won’t accidentally be released.  Investing in physical therapy billing software doesn’t have to be scary as long as you do your research before you buy.


Physical Therapy Billing Coding Problems – A Symptom of a Larger Problem?

Physical therapy billing coding

      issues are prevalent in most practices. A successful physical therapy clinic is a goal for most physical therapists. As physical therapists, we are trained to be good clinicians but the harsh reality is that not all physical therapists have the skills to do what it takes to be good private private owners. The difference is in the way a physical therapy business is operated. A consistent cash flow is very important in any business. If the cash does not flow in steadily, the practice suffers the consequences.

Physical therapy billing coding issues can often mean the difference between a practice that survives and one that thrives.

To ensure timely and steady cash flow, you need to bill your patients in a timely manner. There is no room for errors because your bills and invoices are reviewed and processed by the experience individuals in insurance companies who are constantly looking for problems in your physical therapy billing coding procedures.

Any procedure error or lapse in physical therapy billing coding protocol will upset your payments. Your skill level is irrelevant, if you are in private practice, you are bound to face physical therapy billing coding problems.

To tackle this problem, you can hire billing firms which can do much more than just billing your patients. Such billing firms should be integrated with marketing solutions like Clinical Contact and Therapy Newsletter. The requirements of the insurance companies or Medicare may vary from time to time. Any lapse in providing important details of the patients like date and time of injury or authorization codes in the invoice can result in physical therapy billing coding problems, which will cause delays in the payment process.  This causes a disruption in the flow of cash in your practice. If you want to learn more about the most common physical therapy billing coding mistakes, make sure to read the rest of this blog.

Some of the modern tools available for running your physical therapy practice efficiently (Clinical Contact) can help you increase the number of patients coming in to your clinic. You can also use an automated patient newsletter service like the Therapy Newsletter to retain patients post discharge and maximize internal referrals in your clinic. Marketing your practice is made very easy by the automated email marketing and mobile marketing carried out by Clinical contact and Therapy Newsletter. Reach your target audience with videos, fax , e-mail or hand-out newsletters. These are available in both print and e-mail versions and can be customized easily. Add a personal touch and more value to the content if you wish. They are very user-friendly and any therapist with basic knowledge in MS-Office can handle it effortlessly.

The fact is, physical therapy billing coding issues are often a small symptom of a larger problem – the inability of a physical therapy practice to market effectively. Clinical Contact is a proven marketing tool to enhance your practice without investing much of your quality time. You can introduce new products and services in physical therapy directly to your patients and prospects. You are provided with all the marketing materials and all you have to do is use it to establish your physical therapy practice.

Your physical therapy billing coding program can be integrated with Clinical Contact. You also want to make sure that your marketing systems enable you to grow your practice, as you reinforce your physical therapy billing coding procedures. This will allow you to maintain an even cash flow and grow your physical therapy business at the same time.

Post-treatment, stay in touch with your happy patients through e-mail, fax and hand-out news letters. Publicity by word-of-mouth can turn in more patients to your door step than any other form of marketing. The news letters are rich in content and very informative. Your patients will have more confidence in you and will recommend you highly to their friends and family. The newsletter print outs can be faxed to physicians in your community. The referrals will start flowing in on a regular basis. Combine this with the best physical therapy billing coding techniques and your practice revenue will soar.

Complement your physical therapy billing coding solution with automated newsletter services like the Therapy Newsletter. Keep your patients informed about the benefits of physical therapy. Since this is an automated service, you can stop worrying about the time and efforts of sending numerous letters to each patient and start thinking about how to keep up your good work in physical therapy practice.