Physical Therapy Marketing Effective Methods

Physical therapy marketing is pretty much the same as it is when promoting any other type of business. Now granted, there will be certain things specific to the field. However, for the most part the majority of physical therapy marketing will resemble that of other... read more

Physical Therapy Marketing To Gain More Referrals

Finding a method of physical therapy marketing to reach new clients and gain more referrals from physicians is not easy. Changes in the marketing field to use different technologies such as mobile applications and the internet create challenges for the physical... read more

Physical Therapy Business and Its Models

When it comes to the current crop of customers of physical therapy, they are always on the look out for healthcare providers who are not only able to help them with their needs, but can accommodate despite their busy schedules. Because of this simple fact, many... read more

Physical Therapy Marketing Tips

If you ever want to bring your physical therapy private practice to its best, growing exponentially and bringing you profit, you have to make sure that you employ great physical therapy marketing strategies. Yes, the thought of helping out your patients to get well is... read more

Physical Therapy Marketing Strategies

Managing and marketing a physical therapy clinic might be too complicated especially for beginners. Even if it’s quite hard, they completely find solutions on how they will advertise their services.  Similar to other promotional techniques, physical therapy... read more

Physical Therapy Newsletter

Physical therapist should have a physical therapy newsletter for staff and patients to read up on the field and about the practice.  It makes everyone feel like part of the team and it also helps people to better understand the field.  It is a simple way to get a... read more

Physical Therapy Billing Software: Selecting Your Provider

Sometimes in the business of physical therapy billing, there is just no easy way to get it done. Physical therapy billing codes are not exactly child’s play and sometimes someone who has the proper aptitude with the mechanics of the human body might not have the... read more