Physical Therapy Marketing Efforts

Are you making the most of your physical therapy marketing efforts?  Many practitioners will answer yes when in reality they are not.  The reason for this is usually because their business may in fact be successful just by doing what they’ve been doing.  But... read more

Physical Therapy Business Future

According to business experts, a physical therapy business is one of the best industry for entrepreneurs to start. The projected growth for this industry is related to the aging baby boomer generation. In addition to those potential patients, a physical therapy... read more

Physical Therapy Business – The Starting Point

If you are a physical therapist who is planning to venture into private practice, the following points will help you get started with your physical therapy business. Create A Mission Statement for Your Physical Therapy Business The mission statement will serve as your... read more

Physical Therapy Marketing For Prosperity

If you want your physical therapy business to prosper, it is very important to come up with an effective physical therapy marketing strategy. With effective marketing, one will get the assurance that the business will roll smoothly. Take note that a business without... read more

Physical Therapy Management Techniques

Let’s deviate from the usual physical therapy management discussions we have and in this blog, focus on physical therapy management in reference to clinical intervention. Physical therapy management should be dedicated to the providing of services to patients... read more

Physical Therapy Marketing – Getting Your Message Across

Physical therapy marketing is a learning process. No one will get it right the first time but with a lot of practice physical therapy marketing can be mastered and will become like second nature for a practice. Sending the right messages to surrounding businesses... read more

Physical Therapy Management Complexities

It is a challenging decision for a physical therapist whether or not he or she should quit working at a facility or hospital to start his or her own private practice.  To some, this is not even a choice; setting up their own clinic is something they have to do. Aside... read more