Physical Therapy Marketing Online

Physical therapy marketing is not just about practicing what you have learned but it is also about creating awareness of your expertise. Competition dictates that you have to put yourself out there because there are just too many experts in the field that people are... read more

Physical Therapy Marketing 101

The Essentials of Physical Therapy Marketing Often, physical therapy marketing is misconstrued as physical therapy advertising or promotion. Physical therapy marketing is actually far broader than these two. Promotion is a function of marketing and advertising is one... read more

Physical Therapy Marketing Online

Gone are the days when people would use the Yellow Pages when doing a local search. Now, when people would like to get information, they search from the internet. This is why physical therapy marketing must also use the internet to generate leads for its business.... read more

Physical Therapy Business Management

Physical therapy business management can be challenging even in a good economy. A private practitioner can focus his/her energy and resources in the day-to-day operations and lose the long-term vision he/she had at the beginning. Physical therapy business owners might... read more

Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas

Marketing is the key element to just about any successful business. A mediocre product can outdo a better product in the market because of marketing. Giant corporations like General Electric, Pepco and Verizon spend huge amounts of money for marketing but small... read more

Physical Therapy Business In The New Economy

It is a fact the US economy in 2012 is not doing well as our politicians would like us to believe. Unemployment rate is on the rise, overdue mortgages are increasing, nearly half of American families spend more than what they earn. The list is long and the facts are... read more

Physical Therapy Marketing – Simple Strategies

Marketing is defined by Merriam Webster as, “the process or technique of promoting, selling and distributing a product or service.”  Depending on the type of business one is engaged in, this can mean a lot of things. For a physical therapist, physical... read more

Physical Therapy Business and the Elderly

Physical therapy business sees a growth in the next five years as a lot of Americans hit the retirement age. It is a fact that seniors need physical therapy more than other age groups because of health issues caused by the aging process. A physical therapy business... read more

Physical Therapy Business Management

A lot of physical therapists are opting to go into private practice as opposed to their traditional roles in hospitals and clinics in patient care. Going into the physical therapy business of their own, they enjoy more autonomy and freedom while at the same time, face... read more