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OSTC Provides Athletic Training Coverage to Oil Bowl

OIL BOWLThe 81st Annual Maskat Shrine Oil Bowl Charity Football Game was held at Memorial Stadium on Saturday July 16 2018.  The Oil Bowl game started in 1938 and is one of the most prestigous post-season all star games in the United States.  

Since its beginning, all proceeds from the game are donated to charities for children suffering from orthopedic or burn injuries.  In 2012, the Shriners Hospital for Children became the offical charity of the Oil Bowl Games.  The motto of the famous charity game has always been, "Strong legs run so weak legs may walk".

All the fun and hardwork begins for the athletic trainers on the Tuesday before the big game.  This year OSTC had two staff athletic trainers and one student intern serve on the Oil Bowl Sports Medicine Staff.  Steve Bailey, Thomas Patrey and Bryson Young, a senior student at Sam Houston State University, worked with the players on both the East and West teams.  This year was Steve Bailey's 50th year to work the Oil Bowl.OIL BOWL ATC

Over the past 50 years, Steve has had the opporunity to work with many high school football players at the annual game, some of whom have gone on to play in the NFL.  Steve even recalls a time when the players would have to practice for two weeks prior to the big game, now the athletes only practice for three days prior to the game.  

Steve Bailey is already making plans to attend next years game!!  OSTC is proud to have such a great athletic trainer as part of our staff.  


The Role of Physical Therapy on Music

Snapping hip syndrome, also called dancers' hip, is a snapping sensation or popping sound heard in the hip while walking, flexing or extending the limbs. This condition can cause discomfort and pain. The good news is that this can be resolved with physical therapy.


There are several different causes of snapping hip syndrome. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Extra-articular (outside the joint structure) causes. This occurs on the lateral (outside) or medial (inside) aspect of the knee.
  2. Intra-articular (inside the joint) causes. This occurs when there is a tear or presence of loose bodies inside the joint. This can cause effusion (fluid) buildup. This causes the snapping hip syndrome.


  • Discomfort in the hip
  • Stiffness
  • Pain
  • Snapping or popping of the hip with some movements

Diagnosis and Treatment

A careful clinical examination and manipulation of the hip joints is completed by a physical therapist. Some of the diagnostic tools include:

  • Ultrasound
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Snapping You Back Into Action!

Physical therapy provides exciting possibilities to promote strengthening, healing and rehabilitation of the hip and lower limbs. Here are some of the options in the arsenal of the physical therapist:

  • Ultrasound to heal connective tissue (tendons and ligaments).
  • Manipulative therapy that includes stretching and massage.
  • Resistance training to build the muscle strength.
  • Cold compress for acute injuries and heat to relax muscular spasms.
  • Low level laser use for muscle and connective tissue injuries.
  • Functional electrical stimulation to restore strength in the muscles.

The sooner the therapist assesses the injury and initiates treatment, the better the outcome. Some home remedies that the physical therapist may prescribe include:

  • Active stretching
  • Passive stretching
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Light aerobics

Don't let snapping hipping syndrome (or any hip condition) hold you back from freedom of movement. Call us today, and we will help you snap back into action as quickly as possible. We hope this is music to your ears!

Treatment of Snapping Hip Syndrome

The treatment of snapping hip syndrome involves a combination of physical therapy, traditional medicine, and at times, surgery.

Physical Therapy: The use of 'Hydration, Ibuprofen, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation' (also known as HI-RICE) provides the patient with temporary relief in the acute stages. It is best to consult with a physician before taking any medication to rule out allergies and associated side effects. Expert supervision by the physical therapist is essential for gradual healing of the affected regions.

Traditional Medicine: A physician may recommend prescription medications for pain relief and reduction of inflammation. Corticosteroids injections are commonly prescribed. Talk to your physician about which medication is best for you.

Surgical Interventions: If a structural anomaly is causing the problem, surgery may be needed. In general, surgery is the last resort, when traditional medicine and physical therapy have failed. After surgery, physical therapy plays a critical role in the restoration of strength and flexibility.

If you believe you have snapping hip syndrome, and HI-RICE does not help, reach out to your physical therapist.

Orthopaedic and Sports Therapy Center
2018 Coaches' Training was a HUGE Success

OSTC athletic trainers and physical therapist hosted the 14th Annual Coaches Clinic.  75 coaches and sponsors from local high schools met Tuesday morning at OSTC to learn CPR/AED and concussion protocol.  

This is always a fun day for the staff at OSTC, and we hope the coaches/sponsors enjoy this day as much as we do.  

OSTC's Sports Medicine program strives to be the best in the North Texas area.  The athletic trainers and physical therapists that work with a local team love being a member of the team!  Soon we will all be gearing up for Volleybal games and good old Texas Friday night Football games.  

OSTC would like to wish a good luck to ALL the local sports teams, and a little extra to the Holliday Eagles, Henrietta Bearcats, Burkburnette Bulldogs, Christ Academy Warriors, and Notre Dame Knights.

What People are Saying about OSTC:

• I have received excellent care here. Plan to learn more about the Wellness Program

• Excellent staff always have a smile on their face and friendly

• Great place- nice people, very caring. They know their stuff!!

• I am impressed with results

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